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Yeah I know its not pretty - I'm first & foremost concentrating on pulling the data.

Pages are generated dynamically by parsing data direct from the game files.

Whilst this may take a lot longer to create a page in the first place, the big advantage is that data should be current and reflect any changes Tiny Castle make to the game as soon as they are uploaded to my phone.

It should also be more accurate as its not prone to human error or waiting for a human to create brand new pages as soon as a new monster is released.

These pages were built re-kindling both the urge to program again and to learn a new way of handling data other than via a database. The information is there to help you progress in the game - I long ago reached max level - so now I'm spending my time coding. It takes many hours to produce a dynamic page. None of the information is obtained from any source other than the game files and experience as a player.

The eventual aim is to build a Tiny Castle breeding sandbox for monsters - which is something that no-one else has managed to do.
During this process I've had to pull various forms of data into different arrays (lists) and whilst doing so I've made these pages available as they may be useful to other players.

Stage Task Status
 • Phase I Dynamically generating a list of all the tiny castle monsters both present and past Complete
 • Phase II Dynamically pull all data about each individual monster to ensure information is up to date Complete
 • Phase III Dynamically generating monster lists that can be sorted by elements and time and name. Complete
 • Phase IV Create a breeding sandbox which shows possible results of breeding two monsters. Complete
 • Phase V Ensure breeding incompatibilities are identified. - Breeding Sandbox now complete and functional. Complete
 • Next Create a reverse breeding sandbox which allows you to select a monster and will identify all the possible breeding combinations. In progress

Please respect that this is a hobby. I pay for the hosting of this site on a fast server. Its not strewn with ads - unlike certain sites I could mention where so many advertisements make it impossible to navigate (btw I don't mean noobs site when I say that!). Please therefore give this site credit if you obtained any useful information from it.

Thanks :)

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Tiny Castle is a product of TinyCo. Game play rights are owned by TinyCo.