I spent so many years
  learning how to survive.
  Now I'm writing just to
  let you know I'm still alive.



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The domain emotionless was bought in 2003 as a 'playground' to host various random thoughts on Bands, Music, Games and Funny stuff for the Brat.
By early 2004 it was used to host our large private collection of smilies and emotes for use on posting to forums and bulletin boards.  After realising others were also asking to use them, I spent several weeks re-categorising them and designing an interface which showed the source code.  By the end of 2004 the emotes section was getting popular as we had what was at the time one of the largest private collections of emoticons.  These emotes had been accumulated over a number of years, so it was no quick & easy task to sort them all.
The emotes section was still growing in popularity, the brat had lost interest in blogging about music and I moved all the fun stuff over to kitzophrenic.   At this time one of my other websites started to become very popular and took over most of my free-time.
The explosive growth of one of my other sites was now taking up any spare time I had and emotionless was left to fend for itself, but still continued to satisfy those people looking for free smilies to post on forums and bulletin boards.   During this time, the site has benefited from several server growths and upgrades and runs on a fast platform.
My other site still takes up a huge amount of my time, but I thought a small cosmetic re-vamp for emotionless was long overdue.
As more people use mobile devices the flash banner and side nav menu didn't work on crApple devices (yeah I have one too! - that rant is best said elsewhere).   So a facelift was in order.   The site now uses a CSS and php menu system.  The flash banner is still there on some pages until I decide I'm bored with it, although it is now in a colour which matches the emotes CSS template colour. Pages no longer in use have been removed and hopefully the new template looks a bit more uniform.   The emotes section now also has the option to select source code, bbcode or html code for easier insertion into forum posts.    Enjoy :)

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